Cryoclear Pen Richardson, TX

We all know the power of ice and cryotherapy for skin tone- now harness the power of cryotherapy to freeze off blemishes. At Premier Med Spa, our trained medical personnel has been trained to effectively target blemishes such as age spots, skin tags, liver spots, actinic keratoses, and sunspots to freeze away impurities and reveal a clear, glowing complexion.
The Cryoclear Pen provides targeting cryotherapy in a pain-free, efficient treatment session. It gently and accurately directs a burst of cold to the treated area effectively freezing and killing the skin cells on the outermost layer of skin. In doing so, your body will shed and eliminate the treated area utilizing its own healing powers to effectively absorb the impurity to reveal smooth, blemish-free skin. The Cryoclear pen utilizes high-quality technology to effectively freeze only the outermost layer of skin down to -79 degrees without harming extraneous and surrounding tissues making the Cryoclear Pen one of the safest forms of cryotherapy to remove blemishes. This efficient treatment can be utilized in sessions as little as ten to twenty minutes with no pain or discomfort with no time needed to recover allowing this treatment to be incorporated into your daily routine. Immediately following treatment, you may see a dark spot following by a light pink area of healing indicating your body’s natural process to eliminate dead, frozen tissue with new, healthy tissue. The perfect treatment for anyone looking to remove age spots, skin tags, and sunspots. The Cryoclear Pen freezes damaged areas on the skin to -79 degrees, removing only the epidermal layer. It has an extremely high efficacy rating of over 95%! Making it perfect for treating small spots on the skin.

  • The Cryoclear Pen is great as a stand-alone spot treatment or even more beneficial when in conjunction with our other aesthetics treatments such as chemical peels and facials. Let our trained and certified clinicians create the most effective spot and skin care treatment for you!

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