Chemical Peel Richardson, TX

A chemical peel facial has been a staple treatment for medical aesthetics for years. They are minimally invasive with little discomfort and yield substantial antiaging and cosmetic results. From acne facials to revitalizing, rejuvenating, hydrating, lifting, and resurfacing a chemical peel has the capability to be tailored to your skin’s specific needs and your skincare goals.
Effective in decreasing hyperpigmentation, laugh lines, crow’s feet, pore size, sun spots, and scarring while simultaneously hydrating, resurfacing, and increasing collagen production and cell turnover to both boost skin health while simultaneously eliminating skin health deterrents. Due to the variety of results with chemical peels, it is pertinent for qualified medical-trained clinicians to determine the right chemical peel for you. At Premier Med Spa we train our staff to assess for every possible contributor and outcome while working with you to determine your skincare goals. Our chemical peels encompass a full facial experience, with treatment started with a deep clean and exfoliation to eliminate any excess debris or dead skin effectively “clearing the palate” prior to the administration of the chemical peel. Our staff will then tailor the exact chemical peel to your needs and skin type allowing the peel to work its magic and deeply cleanse and release any imperfections by breaking down toxins and encouraging your body to jump-start an organic healing process to display a full-faced healing glow. Following the chemical peel, our staff takes special care to hydrate and soothe your skin following the chemical facial and impurity breakdown. This will leave you more hydrated and refreshed with a blank slate to let your body reveal it’s own healthier, younger, glowing-looking skin with its own organic processes and components. Our chemical peels are effective as a routine, stand-alone treatment, but can provide additional benefits in conjunction with other spot treatments or facials. Ask our clinicians about how to utilize a chemical peel to reach your skin’s maximum youth and glow!


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