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The first “double chin” eliminator! Also known as “submental fullness”, extra skin or folding under your chin can be caused by any host of reasons from loose skin, genetics, aging, diet, etc. and can make you self-conscious or cause you to shy away and avoid photos due to fear of unsightly lines and folds.
Kybella is here to help. Kybella is an all-new, non-surgical, Food and Drug Administration approved anti-aging injectable treatment used to help reduce the fat, specifically, below the chin. This injection harnesses the power of a synthetic deoxycholic acid, which mimics a naturally occurring molecule that is effective in breaking up and eliminating dietary fat molecules. By injecting Kybella directly into the submental area, it jumpstarts the breakdown of the fat cells under the chin and in the neck as if it was a substance produced by your own body! This simulation of naturally occurring acids allows fat cells to burn and decrease while keeping other essential cells, muscles, and substances unharmed and all facial expressions and contours the same as before Kybella. Both men and women benefit greatly from the rapid and lasting effects of the Kybella injectable showing significant results within just two sessions. Maximal results are seen with four to six sessions with approximately one month between injections to allow your body’s natural healing process to occur and results to progress. Once treated, the fat cells are gone with no ability to “plump” back up or fill back in allowing for a long-lasting effect as long as a healthy lifestyle is maintained by the client. Kybella also has minimal downtime as compared to other treatments to decrease the look of a “double chin” allowing you to maintain your busy schedule without excessive discomfort or time off from your work or social life.


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