Premier Signature Facial Richardson, TX

This facial comes completely customizable based on your skin’s needs. Our qualified medical personnel and estheticians at Premier Med Spa will begin by collaborating with the client to determine their skincare goals and needs as well as their medical background to ensure maximal safety. Following the assessment, our staff will hand-select the components of your facial maximizing relaxation and skincare results based on your exact needs and wants.
We begin the facial with a thorough cleanse and skin analysis followed by a gentle exfoliation and extractions as needed to ensure the purest foundation to ensure maximal longevity of results. After your pores have been entirely extracted and detoxed, you will receive a relaxing facial with a hand, arm, and scalp massage to provide maximal benefit to your muscles and your mind as well as your skin. With our arsenal of products ranging from exfoliants to cleansers to serums, Premier Med Spa is highly qualified and well versed in providing the highest quality, most specific treatment for each client who walks in the door. We take pride in the training and quality of care that our staff provides and we are sure this treatment will leave you looking and feeling your best. This 60-90 minute session will allow you the time to unwind while repairing any skin damage as well as general rejuvenation and relaxation to keep you looking and feeling your best. This facial option is the perfect noninvasive skincare rejuvenation sequence to wipe away years of stress and debris to reveal brighter, more luminous skin for weeks to come. This fully customizable and specific facial system makes an excellent gift for yourself or a loved one- book a consultation with us today, and let us help you to glow your brightest.


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