Bioresonance therapy Richardson, TX

We are excited to announce we are now offering Bioresonance with the RegenU 3!

What is it?

RegenU3 combines bioresonance and biofeedback fields for body analysis and energy balancing. It also stimulates and adjusts the meridian system utilizing a frequency applied technique. We know from the Chinese Acupuncture Bio meridian Systems that external electromagnetic impulses flow through the meridians into the whole field of the body. RegenU is 3 capable of measuring electrochemical conductivity and frequency components of the body’s biologically active points and operatively within two minutes detect up to 2500 functional status points and assess potential health risks and psycho-emotional states.

External electromagnetic energy is then theorized to penetrate the body through acupuncture points, and flow through the meridians into the whole field of the body. A useful modality for stress and tension that may be related to any excessive or deficient Qi that might be over stimulating and/or blocking the energy flow through the meridians of the body.

Why we love it:

RegenU 3 utilizes a unique combination of technologies: Spectral-dynamic Analysis, BioResonance Therapy, Chinese Biomeridian System Color Therapy and Millimeter Wave Technologies. It’s designed to assess and correct human bioenergy field, including psycho-emotional stress, vertebral misalignment and support regeneration on a cellular level by signaling to stem cells to be released in to the bloodstream.

To function properly, human cells have to maintain sufficient electromagnetic charge, measured in millivolts. Chronic disease is always defined by low charge/voltage. When bioenergy devices are applied together with other methods of treatment, the body restores normal function and homeostasis of ill organs.

Who is a good candidate?

Everyone can benefit from the release of your natural stem cells and facilitate the body’s energy balancing, rejuvenation and regeneration!

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