Spider Vein Therapy Richardson, TX

Have spider veins and unsightly capillaries but don’t want to undergo the pain and stress of sclerotherapy? At Premier Med Spa, we have found another way. With our clients’ skincare goals and safety at the forefront, we have called upon the Cutera Laser to safely and effectively treat unsightly spider veins and broken vessels.
The Cutera laser allows a more flexible and wider range of parameters to alter the laser’s exact wavelength and specifications to achieve maximal results for each client providing an effective alternative to traditional sclerotherapy. The flexibility in parameters allows the Premier Med Spa staff to account for a variety of factors including skin type, skin tone, and vascular blemish following a formal medical assessment. The Cutera Laser works by pulsing light energy through the skin forcing the blood within the treated vessel to coagulate, or clot, destroying the superficial vessel. Once the vessel is broken down and destroyed, we allow your body’s natural healing process to kick in and reabsorb the tissue effectively eliminating the blemish. Your body will then recirculate the treated area with surrounding veins and deeper vessels maintaining adequate blood flow to your skin and muscles. Mild discomfort may be felt during treatment similar to that of sunburn or pinprick with minimal discomfort and bruising resolving within a few days to weeks following initial treatment and so minimal, a local anesthetic is typically not required. Following a single treatment, you will continue to see results and improvement over several months with the greatest improvements seen within two weeks. With Premier Med Spa’s high-quality service, our clients typically can resolve their spider vein and vessel blemishes within a single session, but occasionally require a series of treatments for optimal results. Let our medical personnel assess your vascular blemishes to determine the appropriate course of action.


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