Toenail Fungus Treatment Richardson, TX

Tired of trying to hide your thick or yellowing toenails? With Premier Med Spa’s laser toenail treatment, we can help you achieve clear nails from onychomycosis infections without the use of drug therapy.
Onychomycosis is a common toenail fungus that can alter the color and shape of your toenails- from thick and jagged toenails that are difficult to safely cut with household toenail clippers, to yellow, brown, or white spots discoloring the nail. Onychomycosis can be difficult to treat and with typical topical treatment or oral medications, the infection frequently returns. With the use of laser treatment, eliminate your onychomycosis infection once and for all. Topical and oral medications have proven to be less than optimal with slow results, potential side effects, and frequent recurrence of infection. Utilizing laser treatment to get rid of a fungal infection is Food and Drug Administration approved, requires no downtime, and can rid you of your discolored toenails in just one to two sessions.

The laser works by emitting heat and pulsed light to the affected area, the heat makes a nearly impossible environment for the fungus to grow and thrive. In response to the heat, the treated tissue is vaporized and decomposed leaving a sterilized nail and nail bed both eliminating the current fungal infection and decreasing the likelihood it will return. The laser is utilized in such a controlled manner that it is only directed at the fungal tissue leaving your skin intact and unharmed.  While it may require more than one treatment session, this form of the treatment proves much more effective at treating onychomycosis long term as compared to over-the-counter and topical alternatives with no downtime, minimal discomfort, and in sessions as quick as thirty minutes! Let our qualified medical personnel assess your concerns and determine if laser treatment is right for you!


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