Microneedling RF Richardson, TX

Premier Med Spa is dedicated to providing its clients with the most up-to-date and forefront medical aesthetics procedures. This is why we use The PiXel8-RF technology. The Pixel8-RF combines the power of microneedling with the power of radiofrequency. By combining radiofrequency with microneedling, we have seen a profound improvement in antiaging results.
This technique is ideal for those with excessively lax skin or for more complex antiaging requests that a single-use treatment would be insufficient for. Evidence shows that the microneedling targets the fine lines and wrinkles, while the radiofrequency waves target the loose skin revealing a smoother, lifted complexion. The Pixel8-RF uses bi-polar radiofrequency energy alongside our minimally invasive microneedles to facilitate effective, non-surgical, skin tightening with little to no downtime with the Pixel8-RF reported as more comfortable than traditional microneedling. With the tools ergonomic design, our technicians have the capability to target the most specific, or minute areas that a client wants to be addressed making it great for spot treatments, like acne or injury scars, minimizing pore size, and tightening the skin around the eyes. Safe for virtually all clients with all skin types, the Pixel8-RF can tend to practically any skincare goal in just one tool. During the treatment, heat is driven deep within the skin layers to stimulate and remodel the collagen and cause elastin cells to regenerate, with the added combination of radiofrequency and microneedling- this tool stimulates greater collagen growth on both a superficial and deeper dermal layer creating a more thorough glow from the inside out. At Premier Med Spa, our clinicians are trained to assess each client’s skin, skin type, and skincare goals and alter the settings on the Pixel8-RF as well as alter their techniques to the more accurate depth and setting for optimal results in as little time as possible resulting in our clients achieving a firmer, smoother, and more consistent skin surface that they’ll surely show off.


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