Plasma Pen Richardson, TX

More and more clients are looking for surgical-grade skin tightening and rejuvenation without the discomfort, the downtime, or the price tag, or a more traditional medical aesthetics approach. Premier Med Spa is set out to achieve this goal.
When our medical personnel was introduced to the use of the Plasma Pen, they knew this was a treatment that could provide high-quality resurfacing and tightening without the significance of a major surgical procedure. The Plasma Pen delivers minimally invasive “soft surgery” fibroblast therapy to create a healthier environment stimulating a natural rejuvenation process.  With minimal discomfort and rapid recovery times, the Plasma Pen can effectively help our clients achieve long-lasting, natural results with a smoother, tighter, rejuvenated complexion. By placing the Plasma Pen along the skin, it creates a nitrogenous plasma gas which forces energy to collect on the surface while a gaseous flash, from the pen, of ionized plasma, is released to the epidermal layer of skin to create a “microtrauma” within the outermost layer of skin causing your body to initiate an organic healing response with significantly greater collagen production. This healing response and increase in collagen results in a “Fountain of Youth” turning of time effect to reveal significantly tighter skin with a brighter skin tone and more even complexion for long-lasting results. This technique significantly tightens, lifts, resurfaces, and regenerates practically any area of the skin allowing freedom to treat a variety of areas including the brow line, nose, jaw, laugh lines, cheeks, and neck. Our Plasma Pen technicians undergo scrutinous training to ensure the greatest results and safety for our clients and are highly qualified to assess each clients’ skin and determine appropriate areas of treatment and implement the appropriate techniques to help our clients achieve their best and healthiest complexion.


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