Pixel Resurfacing Richardson, TX

Premier Med Spa is highly trained and efficient in the use of fractional laser treatments such as Pixel Resurfacing. This skin rejuvenation treatment utilizes the power of the Accent Harmony Laser to improve skin texture, tighten loose skin, lighten areas of hyperpigmentation, soften wrinkles, shrink pore size, and smooth out scarring and stretch marks with a recovery time of 3-4 days. Premier Med Spa’s high-quality laser treatment helps to stimulate new collagen formation allowing results for 6+ months following treatment.
Our pixelating treatment helps restore your skin similarly to an artist photoshops a picture, one small area, and imperfection at a time. The Harmony laser forces light through a lens into the skin creating heat. The heat then tightens the skin and jump-starting your body’s natural collagen production effectively softening wrinkles, smoothing out scars, refining areas of poor texture, shrinking pores to reveal a reduction in imperfections as well as a general improvement in the health and glow of your complexion. The face, neck, chest, arms, and hands are most often treated, but our Accent Harmony Laser has proven safe to treat any area of your body.  While you will see results immediately, optimal results are achieved following a series of treatments. The specific number of treatments to achieve maximal results will be determined between you and our certified medical personnel to ensure the greatest safety for our clients. Pixel resurfacing is performed in a session of approximately 45 minutes to one hour making this treatment extremely easy to incorporate into a hectic schedule with significantly less downtime for healing as compared to other resurfacing treatments. While our Pixel Resurfacing treatment is easy to work into a busy schedule, it is also one of our most comfortable treatments. With a comparison to pins and needles or a sunburn, the Accent Harmony Laser has client comfort in the forefront creating an easy to tolerate treatment typically without the need for any topical anesthetics.  With mild swelling and just three to four days of recovery, you’ll soon see the results and sing the praises of Pixel Resurfacing treatment!


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