Oxygen Rx Facial Richardson, TX

Acne can present skin blemishes both in the past and present state. Despite a breakout being “healed” you can be left with unsightly scarring, cratering, rosacea, redness, etc reminding you of the breakout you once had. At Premier Med Spa we are prepared to eliminate any sign of active or latent acne with the new Oxygen RX by Circadia health treatment system.
The Oxygen RX treatment can be used on any skin type and acts as a germicidal (germ-killing) treatment to deeply cleanse and eliminate acne-causing bacteria treating both active acne and preventing future breakouts that may be building deep within your pores. Along with the deep cleaning action of the Oxygen RX system, it acts to eliminate the signs of past acne by using a bleaching and oxidation technique to lighten areas of redness, scarring, and hyperpigmentation left behind by previous breakouts and effectively brightening the overall complexion. The lightening and vasoconstricting response to the oxygenation treatment gives instant results and a reduction in redness from those experiencing rosacea. With a solution of magnesium peroxide, sodium bicarbonate, catalase, and citric acid- the Oxygen RX facial is the perfect “cocktail” to deeply cleanse and reset your skin maximizing results while minimizing the risk of free radical damage. Ideal for any skin type, it has shown to be excellent for a generalized anti-aging effect while enhancing acne management. The Oxygen RX treatment is quick, easy, and pleasant giving you 60 minutes to relax and rejuvenate while simultaneously healing and nourishing any skin impurities and blemishes with the end result are clear and luminous skin with a firmer feel! Along with a calming, relaxing facial treatment, the Oxygen RX treatment has no irritating or detrimental side effects leaving you with only a “just back from vacation” glow.


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