Testosterone Therapy Richardson, TX

Low testosterone is a common hormonal imbalance in men and women with no clear signs or symptoms telling you of this issue. If you are experiencing symptoms such as low energy, low libido, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, decreased muscle mass, body and facial hair loss, depression, irritability, poor concentration, decreased motivation or drive, or poor mental clarity- it may be due to low blood testosterone levels.
At Premier Med Spa, our medical clinicians are well versed in hormonal imbalances and evaluate each client thoroughly to determine hormone imbalance and course of treatment. Starting with a blood test, our clinicians can determine the severity of a testosterone imbalance and work with you to create a hormone replacement and reinvigoration plan.  Testosterone replacement therapy can occur in several ways determined based on your age, severity of the imbalance, the severity of symptoms, and medical history. With the use of a topical gel, subcutaneous injection, topical patch, and implantable pellets Premier Med Spa has an arsenal of strategies to normalize your testosterone levels. All techniques utilized emphasize slow absorption through the skin to ensure optimal safety of our clients as sudden absorption of testosterone can be harmful to some individuals. The gentlemen undergoing testosterone replacement therapy here at Premier Med Spa, are frequently monitored based on symptoms and blood hormone levels to ensure the most accurate and efficient replacement therapy with client safety at the forefront. You will meet with our medical personnel to reassess symptom resolution as well as current levels and work as a team to adjust the administration and dosage of the testosterone replacement hormone therapy. We believe in holistic wellness at Premier Med Spa, and this cannot be achieved without collaboration amongst client and clinician emphasizing the importance of a fluid relationship between clinician and patient to achieve the best results as quickly and as safely as possible. Let us help you normalize your levels and alleviate your symptoms to get you back to your best self!


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