Cryotherapy Richardson, TX

Use one of our cryotherapy chambers for just 3 minutes and begin to see the results! By using one of our chambers, we can harness the holistic benefits of cold temperatures. Cryotherapy, as it is formally referenced, allows our clients to utilize the power of lower temperatures to “freeze” away from a variety of issues and enhance general wellness. With cryotherapy we can address issues including but not limited to: muscle and joint pain, stress, detoxification, soothe fibromyalgia pain, decrease cellulite, relieve sunburns, reduce acne, psoriasis relief, as well as improve energy, blood circulation, metabolism, calorie burn, anti-aging, and improved skin collagen and firmness.
We all know how using an ice pack can be effective in calming swelling and decreasing pain- the cryotherapy chamber works on this premise on a much grander scale. By exposing a large portion of your body to the “cold therapy” for several minutes, a global and holistic effect occurs. Our chambers encompass your full body with an opening for your head. By performing in short, few minute bouts, we can ensure safety to your skin, joints, and organ systems. Within just one three-minute session, you will notice a general boost to your energy and metabolism helping you achieve lifestyle and weight loss goals in conjunction with helping to freeze off any unsightly cellulite and help with post-treatment fat loss/burn. Cryotherapy is also greatly beneficial for joint pain and skin ailments, such as chronic arthritis and psoriasis. The lower temperatures act as a “reset” button and utilize a numbing effect, similar to a localized ice pack by flushing out inflammation or edema, leaving your body in a homeostatic state with decreased pain and discomfort.

Joint and skin discomfort improvements are some of the most profound benefits of cryotherapy, but it is also effective as an anti-aging treatment with the ability to tighten and tone skin with a boost in collagen production and skin elasticity. Cryotherapy is an efficient treatment with a solution for all of your ailments. Inquire about our cryotherapy chambers today!

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